The farm is located behind the church in the swamp covering about 50 acres of swamp land which we started cultivating with the church support to plan Rice, Cassava, palm and Banana farms. It has not been easy to achieve this dream as we have the faith to continue this activities in the live time of the Ministry. And we pray for our brothers frankly organization around the world to join in supporting Christ United Heart for Soul vision, soul winning through giving. 

Since the establishment of the farm with the self support of the Ministry we have achieved in building the home of the disabled and blind people in Nimba up to 50 persons monthly feeding which is one of our heart beat winning soul to Christ building up their hope in Christ. It has not been easy to establish the farm due to the high poverty rate in Liberia; lack of support from government and other institution to be able to undertake the initiative to care for the less privilege family in Liberia. We believe that through agriculture we can succeed in winning more souls to Christ with our monthly donations with Rice, Cassava, plantain and etc.