Qualification of Members

Membership is opened to all. Especially Ministries, Pastors Evangelists, Schools, Hospitals, Industries, Agriculture, Muslim. 

We are happy to invite you to become member and attend our training monthly to our Training Center for three (3) months. All of our members receives benefits from the training we conduct. We conduct another activities such as supporting members to fulfill their dreams in all fields of study, etc. within the Ministry. The Ministry provide training for those of you who have visions and does not have support to deliver your message to the public. Become a member today. 

Please fill in the form online and submit all other required documents. If apply as a individual, use empty sheet to attach in some of the uploading area if you having problems email quickly: , the team will response to you quickly. Remember filling in the form does not qualify you as a member, until the team review all other documents submitted to the ministry, and  to understand your desire to fulfill your dream. upon your selection an email or phone call will be sent to you immediately for next procedure. God Bless You!

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Download the Below Membership Application Form