Our Women

We are happy to be called women of peace and transformation to other women and youth in Liberia. 

Since the founding of the Organization in 2009, we have reached to many communities in Liberia (Bong, Nimba, Margibi, Montserrado, Grand Bassa and Grand Gedeh) with the crusade especially training, meeting the need of other women and youth providing them sustainable education; knowledge about 2500 women within the various locations. 

It was very important for our inclusion on the evangelistic team. We have the stories of many women and youth that took part in our Leadership and capacity building training. 

Many of them complains that there is no God and many of them stories was they believe that there is no God, if there is God why they are going through hard time in Liberia especially in their communities; no safe drinking water, no pit latrine and the more worst part the Ebola entered in their home and scattered their families. And some of them share a good news about the goodness of God and their encountered with Jesus has changed their lives forever, especially those from the Muslim background; women and youth. They decided to use their stories to encourage other to get involve in worshiping; giving their lives to Christ joining the women training in their counties, to be very much equipped in preparing for their futures and their children.